These guideline are essential to give an idea of how to use a color, but each designer must feel free to change and adapt those rules, according to his/her judgment.

Primary colors


# Usage Must be used for
1BC74E Buttons Buttons
1BC74E Focus Things we should focus on
1BC74E Element interaction Interactive elements (likes, comments)
1BC74E 10% Background Light background for new notifications.
0099FF Links Links (in-app or out-app)

Secondary colors


# Usage
EC5D61 Error
FFD940 Warning

Neutral colors


# Usage Must be used for
26282D Text Subtitles in semibold
373D4D Background Admin darker navigation bar
555B64 Text Main text
8C93A0 Text Secondary text
8C93A0 Icons Small icons (in table, newsfeed)
DCDDE0 Forms Form strokes, and separator
EEEFF0 Background Light backgrounds, and content loading (newsfeed)
F4F4F5 Background Hover (on background) for tables lines, notifications, newsfeed

Do's & Dont's

DD color