Use of colors

Two big illustration families mingle in the iAdvize graphic universe. Color illustrations, used as explications and support or just for fun. And greyscale illustrations, used for empty screens. For mobile, because of the small screen size, prefer to use color illustrations.


Greyscale illustrations

98A8B5 and shades Illustration

Color illustrations

0099FF , FFD940 , EC5D61 , 1BC74E , 5E7483 , F9D6C3 , AD7651 (light skin), C9A78F (dark skin) & others, AD7651 (brown hair), 53463D (dark brown hair with a stroke 3A2F29 ). Illustration


All illustrations are surrounded by a dark stroke. Stroke weight 1.5px Illustration

Use round strokes.

Shadow and light

Color illustrations can be ornamented by lights and shadows. It's not recommended for grey scales illustrations or little color illustrations. Illustration

Mode on/off

To manage "activated element / desactivated element" situation. Realize two versions of one illustration, one in colors, a second in grey scales. Illustration