Mobile conventions make life easier for users because they reduce the cognitive load. But it doesn't mean that you can't be creative, rather you should use the mobile convention of each platform and use your guidelines to strive for consistency on your product. We are not designing screens or features, we are designing a service platform with a consistent user experience.

Primary colors


# Usage Must be used for
1BC74E Nav bar Quick information about the screen
1BC74E Toggle Availability
1BC74E Tab bar Where you are on the App
1BC74E Element interaction Interactive elements (likes, comments, next, close etc.)
1BC74E Notifications Notifications
049BFF Link Link on the Livefeed

Secondary colors


# Usage
FF4D4D Error, unavailable, logout
F89406 Reconnect

Neutral colors


# Usage Must be used for
26282D Text Main information on the mobile App
8C93A0 Text Text disabled (Timer homepage)
8C93A0 Icons Icons disabled Tab Bar
8C93A0 Information Information system, Information livefeed
DCDDE0 Forms Separator and shadow
EEEFF0 Shadow Tab Bar shadow
EEEFF0 Information Background system Information
EEEFF0 Background Background livefeed
F4F4F5 Background Background for homepage, Profile, Settings

Do's & Dont's